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Travel Safety Briefs: Get Peace of Mind Before You Travel

Whether your travel abroad is for professional or personal reasons, you need to be properly prepared.

Travel Safety Briefs can help. We provide you with up-to-date, accurate and detailed safety information about your travel destination.

We often take for granted the existence of professional police forces, electricity, running water and reliable medical care here in the U.S and the Western world. Don’t assume that your travel destination has these amenities. There are many countries where, for example, the U.S. Government has issued Travel Warnings that strongly urge citizens to avoid travel to these areas.

Available online our practical travel safety briefs are unique to the industry. Tailored to the individual traveler, we give you all the relevant information you need to assist you in being prepared.

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What Are Travel Safety Briefs?

Each country report contains information about:

  • Crime and Terrorism Threats
  • Political Climate
  • In-Country Medical services and possible medical risks
  • Police and Security Services
  • Infrastructure information
  • Maps specifying Recommended Off-Limits Areas
  • Each report to has a list of specific recommendations to help you mitigate the security and medical risks associated with visiting your destination. Our Briefs are timely and updated whenever there is a political or environmental event that might affect the safety of a traveler.

Why Travel Safety Briefs?

Written by Professional Travel Safety Experts

An exclusive rare educational resource

Current, real-time, up to date information on your destination

On the ground resources in each country

Combined over 50 years Travel Safety Experience

Highly Educated Professionals

Up to date time for your destination

Up to date weather for your destination

Political unrest

Terrorist Threats

Crime - What you need to know

The state of Transportation, roads, buses, trains, and taxi’s

Medical/Health related issues you need to know before your trip

Police - The competence of the police force

Dynamic Real-Time Updates When They Happen As They Happen